Glenn Elmo Brons
April 6, 1919  -  November 17, 2018

Glenn Elmo Brons

I served in the Marine.

Glenn Elmo Brons, 99, passed away Saturday, November 17, 2018.

Glenn was born April 6, 1919 in Broken Bow, Nebraska to Chris Brons and Clara Peterson Brons.

Glenn lived a great life with no regrets and to its fullest in the air, on land, and in the water. As a young boy, he once decided to "ride the rails." He jumped on a train boxcar just for fun and road across several states, returning a week later. He left school after the 8th grade so that he could help his family. During this time, he learned many trades that he would utilize during his lifetime. He took dance lessons as a teenager and was something he enjoyed doing throughout his life.

He was married to the love of his life, Gladys, for 58 years. During the early years of marriage, they lived in many towns through Iowa and Nebraska where he worked in the early stages of the plastic industry. During World War II, he served as a Private in the Marines during the final battles of the Pacific Theater.

Glenn and Gladys had two boys in the 1940's and settled down in the small west Texas town of Ft. Stockton. During the 1950-60's they built several small businesses together in which the whole family was involved. Businesses included electrical, supply rental, and motorcycle sales.

Glenn and Gladys loved to go on long rides on their motorcycle together. He loved being a pilot; even building his own airplane which he flew (even surviving a wreck). His abilities even led to him being offered a pilot's position with an airline. He thoroughly enjoyed fishing and boating.

In retirement, Glenn and Gladys loved to travel. They moved into a Fifth Wheel Trailer and traveled the country. They had friends and family throughout the country so people always knew they might be coming through. They enjoyed visiting retirement and recreation centers especially if they found square dancing.

After Gladys' passing, Glenn continued to travel until he settled down with his son and daughter-in-law in Borger, TX. Even then, he could not be held down long. Often riding his scooter the two miles to and from Walmart, just so he could get out and feel that breeze of travel that he loved so much.

He is preceded in death by his parents; wife, Gladys Mae Brons; son, Tony Glenn Brons; sisters, Edna Meston, Hazel Hickman, Aldine McBride, Evelyn Brons, and Doris Griffith.

Survivors include his son, David Michael Brons and wife, Laraine of Borger; daughter-in-law, Terry Brons Darnell and husband Larry of Mount Pleasant, Texas; five grandchildren, Glenn A. Brons and wife Karen of Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Christy Shows and husband Roger of Richardson, TX, David M. Brons II and wife Tonya of Sachse, TX, Christopher T. Brons and wife Dessiree of Lewisville, TX, Bradford M. Brons and wife Erica of Fort Worth; and ten great grandchildren.


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  1. Glenn & Karen Brons
    Pleasant Hill, MO

    I'm proud to carry the name Brons, even more proud that I carry the name Glenn to GO with it. "Grandpa", as I knew him was a man that was larger than life in my eyes. As has been mentioned, he rode motorcycles, built, flew, and crashed an airplane (yes, we share that story with humor, not horror), enjoyed boats, and stayed busy with multiple business ventures. He was constantly on the move. He welcomed my wife into the family and loved all of us deeply. He worked hard and he played hard, but somehow his play time included work too!
    He and I would often talk about how we never feel as old as we are. I think that's a state of mind as much as anything. I find it ironic that for the last year of his life he actually thought he was older than he was. In his mind, he made it to 100!

    Well, you know what grandpa, as chock full as your life lived and did more than most would in 100 years.

  2. Terry Brons Darnell
    Mount Pleasant, TX

    Grandpa as he was known to all of us, was a fantastic man. He stole grandma’s heart when they were teenagers. He served his country in WWII. When he came home they rode motorcycles together and moved to various jobs living in mobile homes, never letting the grass grow under their feet too high. They traveled with work friends all over the southwest until 1957 when grandpa started his own business in Fort Stockton, Texas. Grandma always supported him in what he did. They were a team. In these years they had two sons, Tony and David, In 1968 he sold the business and went back to work living in a fifth wheel traveling all over the US and working. He did this until grandma became ill. They settled in Borger, TX, where their son David lives. Grandma passed away in 1997. He was retired and traveled for a few years but returned to Borger to be with his only surviving son and his wife who cared for him so well. He was fine until his body wore out. He was 99, trying for 100. He said he never regretted the way he lived but he really missed grandma so much. Well, this wonderful and adventurous man and the love of his life are together again.

  3. Larry Darnell
    Mt. Pleasant, TX

    May the Lord comfort you all during this time! He was an interesting man!

  4. Sherrie Thompson
    Amarillo, TX

    I consider it a privilege to have gotten to meet Glenn after hearing the many stories (some very comical) from Chris and Dessiree; plus sending prayers his way! A fellow “Shark Tank” TV watcher as well. I got so tickled when Chris told Glenn, that his mother-in-law was coming to meet him. Some how it was told to his caregivers that Glenn had a lady coming who couldn’t wait to meet him ☺️! What a delightful character he was. I am glad Jubilee got to feel his presence and sit on his lap 👴🏻👶. Glenn had many adventures and a very long life to share memories with his loved ones. He will be missed in the Brons family greatly.

  5. Chris, Dessiree and Jubilee
    Lewisville, TX

    Grandpa, you are already missed. Your sense of humor kept us all laughing. Your stories kept us all intrigued (maybe because we weren't sure what new detail you'd add since the last time you told the story.) I (Chris) caught my first fish (stingray) in your boat. You blessed us more than you'll ever know with your dotting on Jubilee. Before we'd ever get hugs, you were holding your arms out to hold our daughter. That is a treasure! Your heritage will live on through the lives of your sons, daughter-in-laws, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We love you and are jealous to know that you have found the arms of Grandma once again...and even more importantly, the arms of Jesus!

  6. Bradford Brons
    Fort Worth, TX

    Grandpa was such a great man to me and those who knew him... Not only a great man but my best friend. I loved reading this.
    Grandpa is loved always and will be missed!

  7. Mike Brons
    Sachse, TX

    What an amazing life, he was my grandfather, and was loved very much. We will miss him so much.

  8. James Thompson
    Amarillo, TX

    Though I never had an opportunity to meet Mr. Brons, all that I’ve heard and read about his life makes me wish I had. Having his grandson as my beloved son-in-law gives me a connection of Spirit, at least. Praying God‘s mercy in your loss and comfort in your grief. God bless your family!

  9. David Brons
    Borger, TX

  10. Harold and Sara
    Borger, TX

    So sorry for your loss! I sure didn't know all that about your Dad. He lived a great life!! Prayers for you and the family! Love you guys!

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