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A loved one has just died, what do I need to do?

Minton-Chatwell maintains a tradition of personal attention to our families' needs and individual desires. When a death has occurred, you should call us immediately at 806-274-7333. We will handle the transportation logistics and help you with all arrangements. Please have the following information gathered to give to our funeral director:

  • Name of the deceased
  • Deceased's residence
  • Address / City / State / Zip / Phone #
  • Deceased's Social Security Number
  • Time of death
  • Current location of the body
  • Facility name / Address / City / State / Zip / Phone #
  • Attending physician name and phone #
  • Your name
  • Your residence
  • Address / City / State / Zip
  • Your telephone numbers
  • Daytime / Evening / Mobile
  • Your relationship to the deceased

  • Always keep in mind that our funeral directors are here to offer guidance and address your questions and concerns about the funeral process during a most difficult time. Donít be afraid to ask our funeral directors a lot of questions to be sure you know your options and understand the process Ė we are trained to not only help you with arrangements, but to also be an advisor and supporter during your time of grief. We can assist you in coping with death and can even recommend sources of professional help.


    Nita Cannon
    Born: 9/17/1932
    Died: 12/7/2017
    Fred Bartram, Jr
    Born: 1/24/1950
    Died: 12/7/2017
    Robert Smith
    Born: 9/23/1950
    Died: 12/7/2017
    Marvin Walton
    Born: 3/16/1925
    Died: 12/4/2017
    Chelsea Sparks
    Born: 5/31/1998
    Died: 12/4/2017
    Hugh Dickey
    Born: 6/11/1922
    Died: 12/1/2017
    Jackie McCarty
    Born: 12/6/1960
    Died: 12/1/2017
    Ellen Brewer
    Born: 5/13/1926
    Died: 11/25/2017
    Royce McDonald
    Born: 11/16/1930
    Died: 11/24/2017

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